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About us

Cameraline Seychelles is your access to the most professional and talented videographers and photographers in the Seychelles.

For more than 30 years we have been creating wedding videos and photographs with a very special touch.

Our talented artists will capture the unique moments, sound and emotions of your wedding day in the Seychelles islands when you have to choose for a lifetime!

Cameraline Seychelles is today firmly established as an elite team of specialized cameramen and producers ready to sequence your weddings and other Special Events into lifetime souvenirs.

To this day we proudly receive friends from all over the world who wish to renew their wedding vows experience fresh Precious Moments on our cameras in the unique islands of the Seychelles.


Contact us

Mr Jeanluc Lablache De Charmoy

Room 2, Barrel Trade Centre




Tel: 00248 2639050/4321958

Email: bookings@cameralineproductions.com

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